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Matthias found the key to "Toti"

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   May 28, 2012 13:54

Matthias has finally found the key to lovely Totilas. It was a true pleasure to watch the pair at Horses & Dreams in Hagen.

The ride on the horse of the century have finally become a well deserved pleasure for Matthias Alexander Rath. It was easy to see he was able to enjoy the ride and from time to time a big smile appeared on his face.

He felt it, the spectators felt it and the judges felt it and rewarded him and Totilas with their biggest score so far.

If you was not so lucky to be there, watch the videos here:

Grand Prix
Grand Prix Freestyle

to read more http://www.zallina.com/news/dressage/show/533/

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