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Good Driving Skills Buddy!

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 15, 2012 15:13

I was sitting quietly Sunday morning, drinking my first coffee, while the family bacon and eggs cooked on a wood fire. A young doe and buck walked across our pasture....I enjoy watching them.  They drink out of the water trough, lick the salt blocks and are generally at home.  I took the first bacon and eggs to the house, came back and whoooaa, 2 SUV's are stopped, male drivers are pacing around outside using cell phone minutes.....guess what, bambi and bambette are SOL.

Why can't people drive past their hood ornament?  I have 0 (zero) compassion for these drivers.  Low traffic volume day, early and they can't see 2 deer crossing the highwayThere is only one polite thing to say GOOD DRIVING SKILLS BUDDY! 

The past several years have seen our traffic volume increase dramatically while the quality of drivers decreases exponentially.  Our highway is 4 lane, 110 km/hour.  When I drive 110 km/hr, I get flipped the bird, cut off, fist are shook............hello *******, you are breaking the law here not me!  The speed limit is 110 km/hr, not 110 miles per hour.  Yes, if you are driving within Saskatchewan's borders you should know that we have a lot of wildlife.  If you don't STAY IN THE CITY, TAKE PUBLIC TRANSIT!  (My frustration and potty language skills have not been lost on our son.  My attempt at rectifying the situation was to come up with a phrase that sums up the situation "GOOD DRIVING SKILLS BUDDY" seems to do it and he is learning the fine art of sarcasm.)

The Queen's finest showed up, spent over an 1.5 hours at the scene.   The scene of what?... a duo of idiots walking around boohooing on the cell phones because they only drive to their hood ornaments----what a waste of taxpayers time and money.

The tow trucks showed up, toted them all away, but guess what, we now have dead deer parts.   We now have to crate our dog, keep her on a leash or clean up the mess that should have been thrown into the SUV's before they were towed away!  Wonder what the duo of idiots would have said when presented with gloves and told get cleaning and loading in your vehicles.

My rant is coming to an end, I would like to share one interesting tidbit that I have noticed most GOOD DRIVING SKILLS BUDDY type accidents seem to have a common denominator, they seem to happen to SUV's, hhhmmmm I wonder why?  We see more SUV tires in the air during inclement winter weather than the sum of all other vehicles, again I wonder why?

I will leave you on that note with one more salutation to the duo of idiots  GOOD DRIVING SKILLS BUDDIES!

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