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HorseOwnerToday.com Experiences "The Masters"

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   September 7, 2011 15:51

September 6, 2011

The drive from Saskatoon to Calgary for “The Masters” at Spruce Meadows has triggered a renewal within me.  A renewal of my love of Western Canada. (I love all of Canada but Western Canada is home).

 Perfect harvest weather, hot & dry.   The diversity and beauty of our western land is a wonder, a joy.   A very elemental is part of me is moved, is touched by this land.  The same reaction used to occur when I worked the oilfield, at -40 below, the wind screaming…there is a bone deep beauty in both.

How can one not be in awe of such sweeping fields of grass, of grain, of forest (okay the forest is north and east) knowing that deposits of potash, diamonds, oil and gas lie below that fuel our economy.

6 p.m.….WhooHooo I’m here, survived the “construction zones”, combines, grain trucks and rig moves.

There, completed my booth set-up and walked outside, sun is setting, flags of many nations are silhouetted against the sunset, spruce trees and old country lighting set the scene.  I close my eyes and smell the flowers, and underneath all is the smell, the feel of horse.  The atmosphere is one of hushed anticipation.

I am not sure how the Southland ****family has created such atmosphere.  Spruce Meadows is a work of art, not just the premiere show jumping facility in the world.  When you attend Spruce Meadows you have an “experience” as opposed to “attending a jumping show”.

Well the end of the first day at “The Masters”.  A slower day, a beginning to a week full of action, excitement and “the experience” of Spruce Meadows.  I made a game out of guessing who was a “first timer”, no big to pick those out of a crowd, they have the “oh my god I can’t believe it” look!