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Meet Judi - "HOT" Sales Force Consultant

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 26, 2012 08:08

Judi "Hot" Sales Force Consultant & Lester


I am a career florist but at heart my true love is horses!  I am starting to ride this spring, after losing my beloved Lu two years ago, it is time to get riding.  A strong background in retail sales and real estate is providing a jump start to becoming a HOT sales consultant.  Give me a call or email and I will help you become HOT advertising vendor, enjoying the benefits of our amazing on-line traffic.


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Meet Danette- "HOT" Sales Force Consultant

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 26, 2012 07:20

HOT SalesForce - Danette Stevenson of Sherwood Park, Alberta


 I was and am in love with horses, for as long as I can remember,


I started riding when I was around 10, going to summer camps; I took lessons at the local stable.  When I was 14, I worked at the stable as the teacher’s assistant and cleaning stalls.  All my hard earned cash went back into buying things for the horses. 


I grew up riding English with a love for jumping. 


Several years ago I met my now husband, he grew up trail riding in the mountains with his Dad. Our first date was a trail ride in the country. 


We now live on acreage near Sherwood Park.  We have 4 horses. 


I now own a full set of western tack and we love to go horse camping to the Rocky Mountains a couple times a year.  I still train English and am in the process of working with my 4 year old Warmblood cross.


I attended NAIT where I earned my Marketing Diploma.  I have worked as an outside sales consultant for over 15 years.  My years of experience as an advertising sale rep have led to a great understanding of successful advertising campaigns and small business marketing. 

I look forward to working with Horse Owner Today and merging my career and my equine passion


"West" - as reviewed by HorseOwnerToday.com

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 23, 2012 12:40



West is a fascinating book, a riveting book.

It is rare that a book can appeal to the reader on so many levels. Aberg and Strandberg have accomplished combining folklore and documentary within the format of the coffee table book.
West is crafted in such a manner that you participate in a journey through the American West.   Lars Strandberg has created a collection of photographs that are stunning and heart wrenching, a very clear vision of the American West today.  Lars Aberg writes of their experiences throughout the journey, a European perspective of the American West including cowboy poets, country doctors, cattle drives, and surprisingly the economic impact of modern culture on the American West. Lars Aberg, Lars Strandberg, Ronnie Nilsson are an outstanding team.

The cover of West begs to be touched!   The texturing and stamping contrasted with slick binding, patriotic red and blue dividing ribbons and nostalgic photography makes it difficult to resist picking up. 

“Lars Strandberg works internationally with both feature and commercial photography. Lars Åberg is a journalist and author, writing for several of the major Swedish newspapers and magazines. Ronnie Nilsson is an acclaimed art director and designer, known for award-winning books.” http://www.gibbs-smith.com
West is a definite “must have” book. 

By author: Lars Aberg   By photographer: Lars Strandberg   Designed by: Ronnie Nilsson
Product Code: 23502
ISBN: 978-1-4236-2350-2
Size: 8 11/16" X 12 3/8" X 1.25"
Price:  $45.00
For addition information and ordering http://www.gibbs-smith.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=3293

Reviewed by HorseOwnerToday.com


book review

Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity - Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 13, 2012 12:25

Horse as Teacher:

The Path to Authenticity

Editor, Marilyn Schwader

Clarity of Vision, 2009

Soft Cover, $19.95

ISBN: 978-0-9824494-0-0

Available at www.horseasteacher.com


Reviewed by Carol M. Upton


It has been my privilege to collaborate with the talented and dedicated authors who wrote their stories here. They have reminded me of the healing gifts and gentle mirroring a horse provides when you are willing to let the lessons in and open up to following your heart.  ~ Marilyn Schwader


Most riders are aware that they can benefit from interactions with their horses. Not all of them know how powerful those lessons can be or how far a higher level of connection and consciousness with a horse can actually take them. Horses as Teacher is a fascinating story collection, the first in a planned series, to present ten authors who thoroughly explore this topic using their personal experiences.


Learning from and healing with horses is still a relatively new field, in which horses are used to assist in human emotional growth. Horses are large herd animals that have the ability to honestly mirror what their handler’s body language is telling them. Horses provide an ideal opportunity for humans to shift deeply from within.


Horse as Teacher distinguishes itself from other books in the field, not only because the stories are exceptionally well-written, but because readers are treated to each author’s heartfelt discussion of her own beginning path toward a gentler horse consciousness. This often involves encounters with very difficult horses, and experiences of fear, depression, anger, and other challenging life circumstances.


These authors come from varied professional backgrounds – Stormy May, Founder of Stormy May Productions, Melisa Pearce, CEO of Touched by a Horse, and Kathy Pike, Founder of the Mind Body Method, to name only a few. They all have one thing in common – they learned to listen and see in new ways what the horse, with exquisite sensitivity, was offering to teach them.


This book will educate and inspire anyone who is looking for a fresh approach to greater partnership with horses. Readers are sure to learn something new about themselves along the way.


The Horse as Teacher Book Series is dedicated to providing thought-provoking books for individuals who love horses and want to experience the special relationship possible between species. For more information on the authors and the series, or to become one of the authors, visit www.horseasteacher.com.