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"West" Wins Prestigious Swedish Design Award 2012

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   October 25, 2012 08:54

The prestigious Swedish Design Award 2012 goes to WEST, the new Swedish book about the American West. WEST is the work of Lars Strandberg (photo), Lars Åberg (text) and Ronnie Nilsson (design). The winner in the award’s book category was announced October 18 at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

US critics call the book ”gorgeous”, ”stunning”, ”extraordinary”, ”marvelous”, ”lovely, lyrical in that cowboy way, unsentimental, and true”, ”uniquely perceptive and querying” and ”a definite ‘must have’ book”.

”A particularly incisive and beautiful coffee-table book”, Cowboys & Indians magazine writes in its October issue. ”WEST delves beneath the surface with a poetic investigative zeal. It’s a wide-open European perspective on the wide-open American spaces.”

This is a success story worth noticing. Two Swedes, writer Lars Åberg and photographer Lars Strandberg, travel extensively in the American West and with designer friend Ronnie Nilsson they produce a book with their impressions. US publisher Gibbs Smith immediately releases it, in English, without any prior publication in Sweden or in the Swedish language. And this European take on one of the most American of topics seems to make the reviewers all excited:

If you have questions about WEST, please contact me (the writer).

Lars Åberg
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211 21 Malmö

phone +46 705 24 45 45
email info@larsaberg.se

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