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The Story Behind "Hoof Prints On My Heart"

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 10, 2012 18:56


All of my life I have had a deep and undeterred love for horses, since my earliest recollections as a child, I was enamored with horses. Even though my parents love of horses was not obsessive to the extent that my own was, they realized the great "need" within me and allowed me to have a horse when we moved to the farm when I was 10.
I was so crazy about horses that I put my creative and artistic talents to use by perfecting my drawings of horses and any other talent I found within myself and directed it horse-ward. If I learned a new creative skill such as cross stitch or crocheting I honed that skill to make something to do with horses. Not only did I love horses but I loved to be creative with my hands. During my junior and high school years I discovered that I liked to write creatively as well as read. I read any and every horse book I could get my hands on. I was a creative writer and wrote poems and short stories mostly for my own enjoyment. For family and friends, I wrote lengthy letters when I was away from home. I just enjoyed putting pen to paper. Over the years, I collected my own writings within a folder, for future reference.
My horse experience evolved over the years, I bought, sold, trained, traded and rode horses mostly for the sheer enjoyment of being with horses. The one thing I always did through all the years of horse ownership was love my horses and share my love with family, friends and many people that I met along the way. Somewhere I misplaced or lost my ability to write but I perfected my adventurous stories and told them with flair and flourish. I discovered many things about myself and horses along the way and as I matured I realized I had something to share.
At one point in my life I had plans to create a drawing and the title of that drawing was to be "Hoof Prints on My Heart". Life happened and I never got to draw that piece of art but in the back of my mind, I thought 'I might write a book one day.' Then, that day just happened.
A series of devastating life events motivated me to write "Hoof Prints on My Heart". I felt compelled to tell my story, I knew that I had something important to share with other horse owners and for those that have always loved horses but maybe never even owned one. Perhaps some horse owners have already discovered what I learned about horses but I also felt that the way I discovered this "magic" about horses was different than what many others may have experienced. It deserved telling.
My future writing plans may very well include a second, follow up book to "Hoof Prints on My Heart" depending on how well received my first book is. I would like to build up a fan base first. I will be planning to attend a local trade show and a few book signings locally and at Paradise Stable Horse Rescue near Saskatoon. I am donating a portion of my book sales to Paradise Stable Horse Rescue to assist in the excellent work they do for neglected and mistreated horses in Saskatchewan.
As for Zelta's Canadians, we are breeding only 2 top quality Canadian mares to our foundation bred Canadian stallion, Davidson Josua Ram this year. I have several horses to train under saddle this year and a few more horses than I can actually ride comfortably, so our showing plans are on hold for another year. I will be taking my children and a few riding students to ride in our local Canada Day parade this year as well as several trail rides throughout the summer months.

by Mitzy Tait-Zeller for www.HorseOwnerToday.com ,

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