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Cooking For Cowboys by OLShepp

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 3, 2012 09:20



I, like you, dreamt of being a cowboy as a kid roping calves and riding like the wind.




Cowboys are no more healthy than anyone else.  Cowboys do get the flu and they should get vaccinated and visit the dentist on a yearly basis.  However, most of you cowboys and some of you cowgirls whom I know do not see a doctor regularly.  And certainly not when it’s something that can be fixed with a sip of  whiskey, an aspirin or a horse pill.




Most cowboys reside too far from town to mess with the trip for preventive medical efforts like dental check-ups, vaccinations etc.  Self-sufficiency is this terrible disease that we cowboys have of not letting anyone tell us what we need nor what we don’t need.




Time is another factor to consider today for us cowboys seeking preventive measures.  A full day must be set aside for trips to town with lists stretching into the neighboring county.  Imagine the fences wasting away, the water wells gone dry, the irrigation water wasting while you were wasting time for a check-up.  Cowboys don’t do this.  We go to the doctor when and only when we’re broken.    Sound familiar?




The “Cooking for Cowboys” column originated as a cooking column.  My research logically began with recipes; the recipes I had in my collections, my mother’s collection, her mother’s and so on.




The recipes discovered are grand, the stories behind the recipes are entertaining and the characters are divine.  The tales that unravel while I research and write become much more than recipes, much more than cooking.  The people who do the cooking, the nourishing, do so much more.  Much more work, love and living go into cooking for cowboys than you ever imagined.








 Reprinted with kind permission of OL Shepp, thanks!


Living on the family ranch in Wyoming,  OL Shepp writes of love, laughter, life and sometimes her cute kids, or maybe a horse or two.  When she's not cooking for cowboys and cowgirls.  Read more of OlShepp's @ olshepp.wordpress.com & cookingforcowboys.com




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