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Creation of a Functional Kitchen by D'Reen

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 3, 2012 09:13

   I thought I should start at the beginning. For some this is one of the most terrifying, mind boggling events of our lives. Yes this is about the creation of a functional kitchen..  I am not talking about bottled water, frozen dinners and a microwave, no my friends  it is buying equipment, stocking your pantry and passing on American Idol reruns  to make some delicious and may I also add healthy dishes. Do not get me wrong this is not an inexpensive venture but like buying a car if maintained will be very affordable, manageable and have great results. If you do not make an attempt you will be doomed to a life of drive-thrus and frozen  dinners..

First we need to purchase some basic equipment for the kitchen.

Fridge and stove is a good start. Then maybe add a few gadgets like a rice steamer and a food processor but RESIST too many gadgets we need room on the counter to work.

Cutting board

Set of 8/10 st.st. pots at least a 2qt. 6qt. and a fry pan (non stick is a good choice)


Box grater

Measuring cups and spoons


Mixing bowls

Wooden spoons

Pastry brush

Can opener


Chef’s knife, paring knife and bread knife

And of course a set of 10oz. wine glasses!!!!!! Oops personal preference  8oz. would work too….

This will give you a great start. Do not get me wrong there are a lot of fun gadgets we will need later in our food travels. Just be sure that when you go shopping make it fun, try on your tools do they fit well in your hand? is the weight  comfortable? If your tools are not right you will not use them.  So take the time and pay a little extra for  good  kitchen equipment and most importantly does the color  match your ipod dock?

Now you are excited, super excited so when you get home tonight and tear off your clothes grab that vegetable peeler and peel those carrots, and potatoes and feel proud of yourself because you are on the food adventure of your life.

Next we will stock the pantry and the spice rack.



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Meet "Gillian" HOT Sales Force Consultant

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   June 13, 2012 12:44

Gillian hails from the Aspen Parklands region of Saskatchewan, Canada and has been in love with horses since her first pony ride at the local fair.
"Its not always about riding"- Gillian's personal motto, the relationship is the priority at work here.  "I may not be an expert in any of the disciplines of horsemanship, but I treasure the relationship I have with my mare, and her ability to help me develop trust and respect within myself."

Gillian brings a strong background in sales and public relations to the HOT Sales Force.

Gillian enjoys getting out and meeting like-minded horsey folks and looks forward to assisting Horse Owner Today in becoming the Go-To site for all things horsey.

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