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Paying It Forward

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   July 9, 2011 07:55



April 13, 2012 Thanks to Modular Storage Systems of Saskatoon.  They provided a prize "MODey the Dragon" via their booth at the Homestyle Show for children, Wyatt of Saskatoon was the lucky winner. 

Nicolle Griffith
Assistant General Manager

Modular Storage Systems

Regina - Saskatoon - Winnipeg

121 Gyles Pl

Saskatoon, SK    S7L 6C5
Phone: 306.717.8227 | Fax: 


Does someone ever make you feel good, out of the blue, with a small gesture?  Andrea Lawrence and Terry of Competition Muffler and Shock did that for me.  They are the catalyst for this "paying it forward".....

Thanks to courteous drivers.....August 1, 2011

Thanks to an very thoughtful man in the Costco parking lot, he asked if he could return my cart to the store when he returned his...a bright cheerful smile was included...July 14,2011

Thanks for making my son laugh Andrea!  Andrea Lawrence, a creative talented woman took the time to "play with" as she call it, some photos.  The results include several cartoon characters with my son's face. http://www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/andrea-lawwrence.html July 6, 2011


Thanks to Terry from Competition Muffler and Shock, Saskatoon.  Terry provided a part, installed on my muffler and then said "Have a good weekend!"  I stood there with my cc and I am sure a ludicrous expression, again he said "Enjoy the weekend" and answered the telephone.  This gesture certainly changed my outlook on the afternoon, the rush hour traffic wasn't as stressful, the list of errands not as long, Thanks Terry and Competition Muffler and Shock for changing my Friday and fixing my muffler.