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"West" - as reviewed by HorseOwnerToday.com

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 23, 2012 12:40



West is a fascinating book, a riveting book.

It is rare that a book can appeal to the reader on so many levels. Aberg and Strandberg have accomplished combining folklore and documentary within the format of the coffee table book.
West is crafted in such a manner that you participate in a journey through the American West.   Lars Strandberg has created a collection of photographs that are stunning and heart wrenching, a very clear vision of the American West today.  Lars Aberg writes of their experiences throughout the journey, a European perspective of the American West including cowboy poets, country doctors, cattle drives, and surprisingly the economic impact of modern culture on the American West. Lars Aberg, Lars Strandberg, Ronnie Nilsson are an outstanding team.

The cover of West begs to be touched!   The texturing and stamping contrasted with slick binding, patriotic red and blue dividing ribbons and nostalgic photography makes it difficult to resist picking up. 

“Lars Strandberg works internationally with both feature and commercial photography. Lars Åberg is a journalist and author, writing for several of the major Swedish newspapers and magazines. Ronnie Nilsson is an acclaimed art director and designer, known for award-winning books.” http://www.gibbs-smith.com
West is a definite “must have” book. 

By author: Lars Aberg   By photographer: Lars Strandberg   Designed by: Ronnie Nilsson
Product Code: 23502
ISBN: 978-1-4236-2350-2
Size: 8 11/16" X 12 3/8" X 1.25"
Price:  $45.00
For addition information and ordering http://www.gibbs-smith.com/productdetails.cfm?PC=3293

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