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Meet Danette- "HOT" Sales Force Consultant

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   April 26, 2012 07:20

HOT SalesForce - Danette Stevenson of Sherwood Park, Alberta


 I was and am in love with horses, for as long as I can remember,


I started riding when I was around 10, going to summer camps; I took lessons at the local stable.  When I was 14, I worked at the stable as the teacher’s assistant and cleaning stalls.  All my hard earned cash went back into buying things for the horses. 


I grew up riding English with a love for jumping. 


Several years ago I met my now husband, he grew up trail riding in the mountains with his Dad. Our first date was a trail ride in the country. 


We now live on acreage near Sherwood Park.  We have 4 horses. 


I now own a full set of western tack and we love to go horse camping to the Rocky Mountains a couple times a year.  I still train English and am in the process of working with my 4 year old Warmblood cross.


I attended NAIT where I earned my Marketing Diploma.  I have worked as an outside sales consultant for over 15 years.  My years of experience as an advertising sale rep have led to a great understanding of successful advertising campaigns and small business marketing. 

I look forward to working with Horse Owner Today and merging my career and my equine passion