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A Positive Outlook on -40 Degrees

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   December 6, 2013 10:56

Image credit Bonnie Newton

1.     Perfect reason not to go into work, no argument from the boss, ever.
2.     Eliminates annoying door to door salespeople.
3.     Highlights any and all mechanical weak spots in your car, truck, or tractor free of charge.
4.     Proves your winterproofed drinkers are indeed winterproof.
5.     A cry of “there is no water” brings the entire household awake instantly.
6.     Best, cheapest and fastest wine cooler ever.
7.     You never have to tell you child again “Don’t put your tongue on any metal”, they only do it once.
8.     Perfect time to mass produce food that needs to be frozen.  Just place your cookie sheet of perogies outside for 5 minutes, bring in and pack into small containers, pop into your freezer.  Eliminates long, tedious freeze times.
9.     Birthrates increase in 9 months.
10.   Crime rates drop.
11.   Your dog can go outside, do their business and be back in the blink of an eye. 

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