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posted by Horse Owner Today    |   August 30, 2010 13:22

The story behind Cowgirl Finesse.
My family went through a series of tragedies with my sister being killed in a car accident, then I lost my first son then my brother being killed by a drunk driver then my best friend lost her battle with cancer.  I needed to overcome the overwhelming grief and loss and needed to find my passion.  I come from a big ranch in southern Saskatchewan and have a passion for the western lifestyle, rodeo, ranching, shopping and all the pretty things that go with it. 
The business plan came to me in a dream and I called my sister the next day and asked her what she thought, she thought it sounded great then I talked to my husband and he gave me my wings!   The next nite I dreamt the name!! I did a full year of research to make sure I wasn't copying anyone elses idea and found it a great niche in the market.  I went for it researching products and creating my own lines and working towards many personal goals I set for myself.
It's been 4 years of business now, its reached far beyond any dream I could've ever imagined.  I've had so much fun, met so many wonderful people and learned so much, it truly has been a rewarding experience.
We've launched our luggage line and some of my purses, next thing is the kids line to be released first of july and have many more great things on the horizon!!

What changes have occurred in fashion within the last several years?
Bling has always been part of fashion but has really taken the forfront of the fashion arena in many areas.  We have seen the bling belts and purses do amazing, everyone seems to love it!  We do have hand painted items for those who aren't into it as much and have blossomed into many different areas of the western world.  We now carry clothing, have our own kids line, our own luggage line, tack, accessories and and many other things.

What will be HOT this fall?
Hot this fall is more of the same, bright colors, lots of bling, tack with paint and bling, high fashion jeans, with lots of embellishments, rich colors and awesome accessories.
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Nicole Bazley, Owner
Cowgirl Finesse Ltd.

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