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Dressage Training Level Requirements

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   January 26, 2011 20:05


"Training level is your foundation - those are your basics upon which everything is built.  The five basics are:  relaxation, forward movement, regular rhythm, straightness and lastly, obedience.  That is your foundation.  In succeeding levels you don't lose any of those qualities.  You add to those qualities.  Just as a a house that isn't built on a strong foundation is going to fall in a storm, you are going to run into difficulties at some point if you haven's established those five things from the beginning."     Jane Savoie

"I like to see that the horse is in a natural carriage, meaning the walk, trot and canter he does in the test should resemble the walk, trot, and canter he does free, except that he is under control of the rider and accepting of the aids.  That allows a lot of difference in the frame of the horse, depending on his natural movement and balance.  Horses that are built more on the forehand, like the Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse, should be more open, meaning traveling a little in front of the vertical,  stepping out to the reins, so that they can keep their balance.  Horses with a higher head and neck can go in a rounder frame so that they travel more through their back."             Pam Goodrich