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Tom Dorrance

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   May 29, 2011 12:01

The following quotes are by Tom Dorrance, taken from his book "True Unity"

There are remarkable similarities between Tom Dorrance's philosophical approach and the German "Scale of Training". Both Dorrance and the "Scale of Training" produce an outstanding riding horse by creating an environment the horse can relax and thrive in, both force the human to confront themselves and their beliefs, ultimately they become more than they were.

"Before you ever start to reach to ask your horse to do something  you should have in mind what you are asking and where you are trying to direct."

"I like to see the rider try to work with the naturalness the horse is born with and put it to use."

"The first important thing is to think about riding the horse straight out-between your hands and your legs.  Have the life come straight through his body."

"The horse knows where the person is all the time.  Now we are trying to help the person know where the horse is al the time.  The horse knows where the person is; the person needs to learn to catch up with the horse on that."

"We are trying to build up the horse's confidence.  We're trying to get him brave in his feet.  His feet are really scared so we are trying to get his feet to be brave."

"Try to take the uncertainty out of it for the horse; let him get more secure."

"When the horse gets to yielding through the back quarters, the front end will be easy."