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Jackie Johnson on Driving using a Bucking Strap

posted by Horse Owner Today    |   March 5, 2012 12:14

Trick Training Philosophy "Train with Trust and Communication"
Trick training is a great way to foster a fabulous relationship with your horse.  In order to have a great relationship, you have to have great trust, and great communication.  In order to make trick  training enjoyable and achievable by all, I train with grace, rather than force. Jackie Johnson

Bucking Strap
If you have a driving horse, or if you’re thinking of getting into single horse driving, then a “bucking strap” could be your most valuable piece of equipment. Often referred to as “the cheapest piece of insurance you can have as a driver”, the bucking strap is a very unassuming piece of leather that goes from the top of the horses harness (on the hip, above the crupper) down to the shafts on either side of the horse. If the horse were to get frisky, or buck for any other reason, the bucking strap causes the horse to lift up the entire weight of the vehicle, thus discouraging the buck. Although the bucking strap doesn't stop the horse from kicking, it does prevent them from getting their back legs over the dashboard of the vehicle, and into an even bigger, or more dangerous situation.
I have personally been involved in driving wrecks where the use of a bucking strap would have prevented physical damage to both the horse, and equipment, as well as psychological damage to the horse by preventing the wreck in the first place. In action, the bucking strap is almost a thing of beauty as a reactive horse quickly discovers that the effort of lifting that back end is just too great. A valuable tool that is included on the harness of all of our young driving horses, the bucking strap (like insurance) is something you hope you never need but, in the event of a wreck, it’s sure great to know you have it.

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