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Verified Advertisers - Barn & Pasture Management

This section provides information about vendors who supply barn and pasture management services for the equine community, to read more about a vendor click on the vendor's name.

Phone: 13068300934   Web:
BioSweep provides safe, cost effective decontamination services including permanent eradication of pathogens, fungi, aerosols, smoke, fumes, allergens and volatile organic compounds. BioSweep's innovative decontamination technology uses an advanced...
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Phone: 1-780-387-1514   Web:
Eco Nets are ‘Small Mesh Hay Nets’ (SMHN) or restricted free-access feeders. Using an Eco Net challenge’s the horse to engage his brain to get the hay; this creates curiosity and less boredom. The benefit to the horse owner is that it extends the...
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Phone: 1-866-657-7172   Web:
Our Patented Flex Connector, provides a safer, quieter and more versatile panel connector which is particularly well suited for the equine market. The Flex Frame Gate is a 6' wide x 10' tall ride through gate for use with HiQual Round Pens and comes...
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Phone: 306-292-6768   Web:
Attention Acreage Owners Custom Spraying Service Earth - friendly fertilizer program Stimulate soil biology and healthy plant growth in your "small spaces" Natural weed suppression, no "killing" chemicals used - for gardens, lawns,...
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Phone: 780-464-0485   Web:
Your horse deserves the very best bedding to ensure optimum health, comfort and performance. Strathcona Animal Bedding provides premium quality 100% Pine, medium-sized flake bedding that is fluffy for maximum cushioning and excellent...
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Phone: (306)229-9872 (306)242-2678   Web:
We carry Delta, Mustad, St. Croix and Kerckhaert shoes. Double S, Anvil Brand, and Kerckhaert slide plates, as well as all Vettec products. We also carry nails Capewell, Mustad, Delta, Save Edge and Liberty Nails. If you do not see a product on the...
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