Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I advertise on

A) makes your advertising simple. Fill out the online advertiser form, and submit it. Our sales representative will contact you, assist you in completing a verified vendor application form, and then contact you when the advertisement is ready to view and approve. It is that simple!

Q) How do I pay for my advertisement?

A) offers simple payment solutions via PayPal.

Q) I don't have a PayPal account, what do I do?

A) You can set up a PayPal account or if you choose not to do that, we will accept alternative forms of payment; however, the advertisement or business card will not be designed until we receive and process payment.

Q) How do I become a member of's HOT SALESFORCE?

A) Simply contact us to begin the hiring process. Our Human Resources department will contact you.

Q) I need business cards but do not have a design?

A) We provide graphic design services. Contact us and a member of the HOT graphics department will contact you.

Q) My advertisement needs to be updated, does that cost extra?

A) Each verified vendor is able to update their advertisement once a year at no charge.

Q) has advertisements in the content section, how do I place an advertisement there?

A) Fill out the online advertiser form, and we will provide you with information on advertising options and rates.